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Author: Konstantinos
Title: Nocturnal Witchcraft
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Rated: *****

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Finally, a book written specifically for Dark Pagans! Nocturnal Witchcraft covers an area of modern paganism not often discussed. It is about a path that only certain types of individuals are called to and it is one that most modern pagans know little or talk little about. It is something that is most likely to attract pagans in the Gothic club/music circuit than anywhere else though it is not limited to these types. Konstantinos talks much about what Dark Paganism is and is not to clarify that this is not about anything that could be considered 'evil' as true paganism does not rightly have any evil goals. This is modern earth-based pagan spirituality for lovers of the night more than anything. While I have quite a bit of exposure to the goth scene since the mid-1980's and about 7-8 years of pagan experience as well I was at first wary of reading this book thinking it might be one those loons who is into dark metal and thinks paganism is closer to Satanism than anything. I can assure you that Konstantinos is the farthest thing from this and I was pleasantly surprised with not only his perspective alignment but also with his sound words. While much modern pagan literature either requires reading between the lines or with a constant mental filter because of all the nonsense some of them tend to write about or believe as fact which should be obvious to anyone with a grain of common sense, Konstantinos states views which I highly agree with in a very clear and concise way so that there is no confusion. He does not make any wild claims like many others do. He also touches on many ideas and practices which at one time were rather inate to me - back in goth days - but that you will not find in most if any current books on The Craft. As a simple example, I remember being able to walk into a club filled with my fellow goth friends and remain 'unseen' for as long as I desired, even walking right by people who knew me well without being noticed until I decided to 'let down my cloak' so to speak. Konstantinos touches on such methods for invisibility and other methods regarding attraction and suggestion. He also is very clear about karmic influences regarding what is right to do and what is not regarding the three-fold law of returns especially in regards to mind reading. Yes that is right. He is experienced as a stage magician, specifically in regards to mentalism, so that he could easily debunc frauds who claim to be able to mind read. From a simple exercise using mentalist techniques he helps guide you to true magick by using your own intuition to it's fullest. Combined with the last book I read The Science of Mind this all makes perfect sense to me now whereas I had initially believed in my youth but had discarded such ideas as frivolous and unreal. Anyone who has truly felt Night's embrace before in their lives will find this book very handy in tapping or possibly retapping various sources as well as new ideas and methods of ritual and meditative practices to help advance your skills. His ideas, perspectives, exercises, and thinking is much more sound to me than most but will likely only be recognized as such by those of 'night kind'. This book's main focus is on modern paganism, ritual practices, and exercises for those wishing to delve more into study of The Night, Full/Dark Moon, Protection, Descent and Rebirth, Underworld and Death. This is not for the timid and anyone with stereotypical views either expect them to be shattered or avoid these writings. If you are looking into the Dark for personal gain of power or evil then you are looking in the wrong place! This is a book about building your own psychic and intuitive strengths, personal growth, and a love of the night. Konstantinos continues his accounts in Gothic Grimoire.

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