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Artist: Silk Road Assassins
Title: State Of Ruin
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Planet Mu
A collaboration between three producers whose day jobs are in production music for films and games, “State Of Ruin” certainly has a soundtrack-style lean to it. From the opening gutpunches of “Overgrown” to the synth-atmospherics of “Split Matter”, it’s a very Planet Mu-appropriate work of intelligent instrumental electronica that you can certain picture accompanying visuals, cut scenes or gameplay (and a couple of choice spoken-word samples certainly reinforces this)- but it also works in its own right as a 43-minute listening album. The only real issue against it is the way that, like a lot of library music, none of the tracks top the four minute mark so they play as short ideas rather than longer or deeper experiments.

Tracks like “Shadow Realm”, featuring WWWINGS, bring the noise and the bullet-percussion and excel with a great dynamic and tension that commands your attention, whereas “Pulling The String”, nice though it is, does feel like a bit of unused incidental underscore. There’s something faintly Eastern-sounding about “Saint” that gives it a more notable flavour.

The naming of “Taste Of Metal (Instrumental)” is perhaps telling as it definitely comes across as an instrumental version of a track that would be completed by a grime-ish rap or an introspective vocal. “Bloom” gives off a similar vibe.

“Vessel” is a highlight for me, the arpeggiating synths and slow build, gentle drop arrangement forming a really nice bit of rich synthwave, with “Bowman” also notable for a similarly successful switch-up of pseudo-orchestral pacifist moments against punchier and spontaneous crisp percussion work.

Overall it lacks the distinctive character or twist that I might have normally expected from a Planet Mu release, but nevertheless it’s a strong piece of digital synth-electronica that keeps things nicely steady.

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