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Artist: Surachai
Title: Come, Deathless
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
L.A.-based Surachai elicits contradictions in sound that are nothing short of beautiful in their marriage of assault and assurance. With an aesthetic that rivals AZ-Rotator and HECQ at their most violent, yet with an unusually environmental sensitivity made possible by incorporation of field recordings from Thailand, California, and elsewhere, and all of it nailed into its coffin by participation of drummer Aaron Harris and keyboardist Joey Karam, Surachai ignites the blood of one hybrid organism after another as if it were comprised of flammable liquid. Titles such as “The Shedding Of Useful Skin” and “An Abandoned Throne In The Hall Of Execution” hint at a moribund fantasy epic, unwritten yet resounding with death cries of intense relevance. The latter track, like “Casts Of Broken Timelines” and “Deciphering Whispers From Wind” before it, taps ancient stories to power an electric chair’s swan song of self-destructive desire, while “Leaning Into Pain” and “Articulation Of A Dead Tongue” dance to the beat of a sentient drum. Ambient valleys are rare in this landscape of jagged peaks, but of them “Time Splits Every End” (featuring Sara Kendall’s subcutaneous wash of ghost chants) touches the face of a metaphysical future. In that respect, the music here smacks of social prophecy minus the cultish fanaticism such a metaphor would imply. The result is a lovingly constructed album whose every detail has been incubated until ready to hatch for willing hosts, warm and pulsing with an inchoate taste for vibration.

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