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Author: Ernest Holmes
Title: Science of Mind
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher
Rated: *****

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This book and philosophy by Ernest Holmes was initially used to create a spiritual institute of learning. Eventually the Science of Mind churches have formed also based on the same teachings. This I will first say is NOT the same as Religious Science and is a relatively new school of thought which is still growing. The Churches, book, and philosophy behind them are basically Christian in origin except that you will find they remain focused on the more enlightened aspects of Christian teachings combined with the teachings of the Eastern philosophers as well. What results is a school of thought not much unlike that of modern neo-paganism except that it may be much easier to follow, accept, and easier to comprehend by Christians who are so easily turned off by the views of enlightened perspectives of pagans because of the terms associated with paganism. I found a phrase in the book which to me sums up the overall teachings therein and it is something like this, "The Highest God and the innermost God are One God". Basically think of Christ as representing the divine light within our hearts that resides within each one of us. This is the same perspective as the Sun god celebrated at Yule time as well. This Christ consciousness is where we are all connected to The One God. Thus, the Science of Mind relatest to such things as healings, transformations, and other physical 'results' one wishes to obtain and how they can be achieved through thought. Holmes teaches that there is only one Mind, the Mind of God and that we are all part of that. Generally speaking I found there is much enlightened perspective of thought in this book relating to such topics. However, Holmes tends to focus much on the 'method' of achieving desired 'results' in your life utilizing what he calls 'treatments' which are actually a form of prayer. While I believe the basic philosophy and perspective of this book there are a few points which I still find a bit shaky to me. Overall I think it is a book that every Christian would do well to read if for no other reason than to have a more enlightened perspective on where all the other religions of the world are coming from. Holmes ties them in beautifully with one school of single minded thought. I do believe that there is true merit in his works and that the Science of Mind church is likely to achieve much quicker and better results than any other Christian school of thought. For those not interested or still fearful of ritual workings or the 'left-hand' path the Science of Mind is very good alternative to standard organized religion of you are seeking an alternative. There is quite a bit or repetition in the text and that is the 'only' thing that I really have difficulty with but I am one who is now use to reading philosophical, spiritual, and self-help styled texts. The repition is obviously intentional for those unfamiliar to finally reach that mental state of 'knowing' required to grasp the concepts within, for those unuse to reading such forms of written thought.

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