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Artist: Lech Nienartowicz
Title: Wzdłuż Pasma
Format: CD
Label: Kosmodrone (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
Lech Nienartowicz is a Toru-based creator of spatial compositions made of field recordings, noises and scraps of melodies. While he's already active in a number of projects in the field of glitch and improvisation, "Wzdu Pasma" is his first solo release and it's something in between ambient and musique concrète with a certain sense for montage in the structure of the tracks.
After the initial field recordings, "Pónocne Supy" is developed upon bells and a melody for flute; as the bells are doubled by cowbells and bird's singing, the overall result is as meditative, as the minimal melody is in loop, as structured, as there's other elements as noises and samples which has a spot in the track. The first part of "Nowe lady" is based upon vintage sound synth upon field recordings, used as textures, which are the backbone of the second part as a canvas for drone and samples to create a soundscape. "Dwa Kamienie" is a long track starting with a stratification of drones after which there's the juxtaposition of metallic sounds and a third part for abstract sound and samples emerging from silence; the final part of the track starts with a drone and it's developed upon field recordings moving in the aural field.
This is a rather hermetic release which requires an attentive listener that can fully appreciate the blend of organic and synthetic sound sources in a cohesive whole. Fans of experimental music will appreciate the sound construction while the others could be confused by an unorthodox music. It's really worth a listen.

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