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Jan 29 2019
Artist: Bewider
Title: Full Panorama
Format: CD + Download
Label: Folk Wisdom
Piernicola Di Muro’s work as BeWider on “Full Panorama” is an unashamed and pure album of instrumental synthwave and electronica with as broad and cinematic a scope as the title implies. Built almost entirely from crisp and quite pure sounds mostly from analogue modular synths, from which loops and patterns are set and then gradually twisted, there’s an era-spanning attitude here where some distinctively retro synth flavours are mixed with some more up-to-date production touches.

For the most part it’s very thoughtful stuff, quite brooding at times. Pieces like “No One Ever Became Wicked Suddenly” or the nighttime suspense of “Retina” seem custom-made to soundtrack a broody dystopian sci-fi movie. However in its more poppy moments such as the expansive opening track and the gentle “Latitude” it invites comparison with Jean-Michel Jarre or synthwave names like Power Glove, though never really scaling the same heights of memorable melody that would make it equal to J-M J. In amongst these you also get tracks like the boldly simple proto-techno of “Sartorius”, and the slightly more drone-minded “The Episode”.

With reviewing albums I usually try to wait a while between first and second listens to see if the appreciation of them changes. With this one, as soon as it was finished I clicked play on track 1 again. That’s perhaps as much to do with being in the right mood as the quality of the album itself- which at a push I could describe as a bit wishy-washy- but it’s a sure indicator of a big thumbs up as well.

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