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Artist: Benjamin Finger / James Plotkin / Mia Zabelka
Title: Pleasure-Voltage
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Karlrecords
Driven by Oslo-based Benjamin Finger, this is a new outing for a trilogy of performers with a strong pedigree in dark ambient and electronic soundscaping. Across two twenty-minute pieces, it’s brimming with ideas, as different environmental layering and structures work their way into audibility and then drift away to be replaced by other sections and ideas that feel like they don’t so much evolve as just flow sequentially.

At times this is exceptionally abstract stuff, long drones and atmospheres washing free across the sonic plain, but at other points it veers slightly closer to a coherent sonic structure, particularly when the icy piano or noisy guitar elements involve themselves in a more traditional fashion. The distant rock beat and more overt electric guitar 17 minutes into “Hostile Structures” may prove problematic for soundscaping purists, wandering quite close to M83 territory.

Rich and familiar soundscaping with a shade of emo, it’s an immersive and high-quality release for sure, but across forty minutes it somehow fails to grab me or convince me that it’s got a unique selling point.

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