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Artist: Switchblade Kid
Title: Skaro 1963
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Silber Records
Throughout January, Silber Records are doing “Droneuary”- putting out a new drone work from a different artist every day, all of them available on Bandcamp with a “name your price” setting- for the sake of good experimental music, here’s hoping that enough people don’t just type ‘0’ all the time. Some of the drones are only five minute atmospheres, while others are whole extended soundscapes spanning over twenty minutes, or in the case of the Grand Kali Ma offering, almost 47 minutes of deep rumbling sinisterness. It’s a series certainly worth checking out.

I’ve singled out “Skaro 1963” mainly because of the title- I’m a semi-closeted Whovian. Eschewing the famous ‘Dalek ship’ radiophonic workshop atmosphere, instead Switchblade Kid offers up a dark sci-fi texture with metallic undertones, the constant whirrs of distant grinding alien machinery reverberating into abstraction. It’s mentally transformative and rewarding to listen to.

Other highlights so far from Droneuary, which we’re still only halfway through, include the wailing relentless alarm call of Subscape Annex’s “Shimmer”, and the more overtly prog rock guitar noodling of Electric Bird Noise’s “Noitatidem”. Ocean In A Bottle’s “Dawn Chorus” is notably different, building from a long period of layered genuine birdsong into much warmer chords.

Silber say that they’ve got so many submissions lined up for the series that it might well run into February. Here’s hoping that they get more and have to start thinking of puns on the word ‘March’.

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