Music Reviews

Artist: Angelo Bello
Title: GENDYN Suite
Format: CD + Download
Label: Elli Records
This suite, deriving its name from GENerative DYNamics, is a short EP of entirely computer-generated sonics with quite an analogue feel, offering up high pitched squeaky sine waves, crisp and abruptly-edged noise patterns and sci-fi bleeps and bloops in a way that might, if you hadn’t read up about the concept behind it, seem to be totally random. It’s a busy collection, often with multiple elements crashing into each other, and it’s not without its ebb and flow, but the overall effect is a harsh and appropriately short-lived aural assault, like a deep facial scrub but for your ears.

The most successful piece is certainly “Ricercar”, which expands in a presumably deliberate manner from low electronic rumbles out into a more sinister-sounding cacophony that’s strangely both relaxing and tensing in equal measure depending on which angle you hit it at, before the lower notes depart and leave us in a more fragile, bubbly, electronic-underwater environment to close.

Blurring the lines between music composition and computer programming and electrical engineering, it’s a curious and somehow quite old-school work, but if you like your electronics sounding genuinely experimental, raw and avant garde, this is an 18 minutes you’ll appreciate.

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