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Artist: Christoph Lammers, Andreas Usenbenz
Title: Drawing In Sound
Format: LP
Label: Klanggold
This is an improvised musical collaboration, not beti chrween two musicians as you might expect from the accreditation, but between a musician and a visual artist who, after some correspondence and preparation, performed a live work consisting of Usenbenz performing improvised soundscapes while Lammers drew using charcoal, ink, brushes and his bare hands on a 7 by 4 metre canvas. On a limited edition vinyl, one side is etched with the 24-minute musical content, while the other has a screen-printed image of part of Lammers’ finished artwork.

It was performed in spring 2018 as an opener for an exhibition named “Wiese” (“Meadow”) although musically it’s not as organic as that may imply. Usenbenz uses a soft and long electronic drone with a slight texture of guitar tonality as a base, over which are sparingly layered field recordings and tape loops that have meadow elements- rustling hay, birdsong etc.- to extend the sonic picture. As it develops it becomes a little windier, perhaps more autumnal, and the guitar plucking becomes slightly more distinct, before an extremely long fade into low tones, ambience and nothingness.

I’m not a visual art critic so I won’t make any comment on the artwork, except to say that it feels like a reasonably appropriate fit for the sonics on the other side. The inclusion of sharp-edged lettering is perhaps a little misleading, perhaps suggesting the music has more attitude than it really has, or indeed suggesting that there’s any vocal or lyrical content at all which there isn’t.

It’s a succinct and successful little sound-and-pictures collaboration and while the theme and the sonic layout used are not especially ambitious, it’s certainly a high quality and engaging listen.

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