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Artist: Adam Mańkowski (@)
Title: Dźwięki z Offu
Format: CD
Label: Attenuation Circuit (@)
Rated: *****
Adam Makowski is a sound artist and improviser which has an already considerable discography under the name Limited Liability Sounds but it's more or less unknown outside Poland. This seems its first release under his own name and it's something apparently along the path of certain minimal electronic music based on patterns and short samples but it has also melodic apertures based on traditional instruments as piano which removes a certain cerebrality to the framework.
The first track of this release, "Bez wyjcia", is a quiet minimal track colored by small glitches and noises. "Milczenie i szaro" is instead reminiscent of classic avant-garde, that could be the source of a couple of samples including the chorus at the beginning of the track, as the fragmentation is only apparent. "Poranek" is centered upon a melodic loop upon an irregular noisy beat. "Tam bya mio" is suspended in his unresolved lines and "Portret" is apparently static until some sparse piano notes appear and "Serce Malisza" is hypnotic with his long tones and the final bells doubled by the piano. "Próba" uses the piano in either a classic way and as a sound source. "Mordercy i ofiary" starts quietly and ends noisy and "Niewidzialny ledczy" could be a modern classical piano piece if it wasn't drowned in a noisy environment. "Ona i On" closes this release in between between being a piano piece and a noisy experimental track.
While he owe much to his influences which are clearly audible, he has so carefully crafted this release that it will be well received by all fans of IDM and minimal electronic music. It's worth a listen.

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