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Author: Anne Rice
Title: Merrick
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Rated: *****

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In this episode of the Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice combines characters to create a collaboration with the Mayfair Witches. Merrick is a voodoo practitioner whose mother dies and leaves her in the custody of the Talamasca. From her exposure and education there she becomes intertwined with David Talbot and the vampires Louis and Lestat. One of the main elements of interest in this novel is the that Louis wants Merrick to summon the spirit of Claudia. The only inconsistency I found here was that when the 'spirit' finally appears Merrick first says this is most definitely Claudia and not a meddling ghost but later states the opposite. Unless I misread this it seems that we will never know if this was truly Claudia's ghost or not. Much of the story is told by David and his experiences with Merrick as told to Louis. The tale includes a tale of artifacts and ghosts and a mask that can be used to 'see' spirits. Also, in this episode Louis decides to take his depression a bit further than before and actually decides to commit suicide. The most interesting thing to me personally was the ending of this one. It seems that we will continue the adventures of The Vampire Lestat due to the associations of the vampires with Merrick has brought the wrath of the Talamasca down on Lestat and crew. Lestat, as usual, will not concede to other's wishes and thus we await to learn if this will turn into an all out war between vampires and Talamasca or will the vampire whom Lestat previously annoyed with his adventures in Queen of the Damned not come to his aide and leave him to his own devices?

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