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Artist: Cæcilie Overgaard
Title: There Is A Home
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Clang
Danish composer Overgaard’s second album is a gentle collection of homely, warm electronica.

After the ambient opener “Mic Test One”, it’s the title track that really sets the tone. Soft, crisp, super-light percussive patterns and digital atmospherics combine with some mellow, freeform trumpet work from Tim Ewé to create something that’s richly familiar, but in a good way.

That gently beautiful tone persists for the remainder of this short (33 minute) release- a gentle retriggering piano giving “A Simple Mind” a very faint edge, Mathias Hammerstrøm’s very sparse vocal on “Skyggeplet” adding an extra layer of humanity, but generally sticking to the script of coldly pretty downtempo electronic chill-out, and being none the worse for it.

The press release draws attention to the unusual sampling approaches adopted here- with supermarket plastic bag hits being reworked as snare drums, modulating an engine sound to emulate a marimba, and so on- but the effect of this is remarkably mild, with the result sounding generally synthesized and coherent, and certainly not the cacophony of Art Of Noise-style raw found sound that may have been suggested.

An excellent release to settle things down to, comforting enough to firm up your mood like a warm hot chocolate but intricate and detailed enough to hold your attention as well. It’s very Winter-friendly.

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