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Artist: Ripperton presents Headless Ghost
Title: Breakthrough EP
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Drumpoet Community
After taking a step towards chin-stroking home listening with his excellent (but slightly over-indulgent) “Sight Seeing” album earlier in the year, Ripperton has put out a 4-and-two-halves-track instrumental 12” which keeps thinks thoughtful but turns firmly back towards DJ’s and the dancefloor.

A1 “Real Smile Fades” is a gentle and bright-sounding simple house number with an endearing soft bassline, a mood that’s revisited in the equally dream-like B1 “See You Yever” which adds a nice line in jazzy keys.

A2 “Abandon” is a little harder and grittier, a fairly timeless and relentless light techno workout which sticks firmly to one groove and nails it, while B2 “One Day OK, One Day Not” is the quirky one of the pack, sampling gospel singing warm-up and audience claps and pulling the tambourines and claps into a nice walking rhythm that runs alongside a stepping melody that feels like somebody was making it up as they go along.

It’s described as a six-track release but the final two tracks, B3 and B4, are something of an oddity- both under two minutes long, both little unfinished grooves that form sweet DJ tools that fade out long before their full potential is realised.

A warm and lovely bit of instrumental house with a nice sincerity to it.

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