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Nov 25 2018
Artist: Mirexxx
Title: Vault
Format: CD + Download
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Belgian (Bruxelles) EBM/electro-industrial band Mirexxx is the duo of vocalist Stijn S. and synthesist/programmer Posse, and 'Vault' is their Echozone debut album after their 2017 EP, 'Inside You', and a couple of previously self-released mini-albums. This is old, old school stuff after outfits such as Klinik and Suicide Commando, just not nearly as good. Stijn rasps his way through ten tracks on 'Vault' with little variation. The synthwork seemed as if it was going the same route (little variation in sound and sequencing) but changed a bit in the later innings during and after the instrumental "Distraction," a welcome change of pace. Drum are all rinky-dinky computer generated sounds so I found nothing really compelling about the rhythm. One of the only things Mirexxx has going for them is that there aren't many artists doing this strictly minimal style of EBM these days, so there isn't much in the way of competition. Still, it's a long way from moving a cluster of black-clads in a dark club to getting people excited about your album, especially if the album gets kinda boring after a few songs. Misanthropic, dystopian lyrics included for those who don't grok rasp.

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