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Author: Katherine Ramsland
Title: Science of Vampires, The
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Rated: *****

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An outwardly 'curious' publication. I admit that I was intrigued by the content and yet at the same time hesitant to pick it up. My compulsion - in the end - won out. In what appears to compel the reader to mix science with myth/fiction, Ramsland gives us the actual 'physical' requirements for vampirism and how, if indeed, vampires are real, they could 'exist'. Answers to the most asked questions such as, how to they drink and ingest blood, how do they manifest themselves into other forms and can vampires really have sex are just a few of the passages that Ramsland attempts to tackle. Not trying to be too scientific and yet not trying to pawn itself off as a "Vampires for Dummies" edition, Ramsland attempts to give us possibly cold hard facts about the very real existence of vampires. There are tidbits of interesting lore that are delved into such a burial customs and 'soul' watching or the 'gestation' period that one's body may need to be watched to see if vampirism takes root but - it is an otherwise mundane attempt to unveil 'myth'. The biophysics behind the reality of vampirism does nothing to dispel what any reader may want to already believe. In this book she does at least allow us to understand that it is very possible for psychic vampirism to exist and parallels socities changing roles of male/female relationships and how this affected the more recent developments in vampire literature/film genre. As she herself explains and finally concludes, the Vampire is probably 'necessary' for our society - inasmuch as Bram Stoker found the parallels in his need to create a creature that violated the supposed strict Victorian moral code, she concludes that we must still draw our own conclusions. In other words, she indicates that if we 'want' to beleive in vampires, then we should just go ahead and believe in them because they fulfill some baser need in all of us. Thanks Katherine, I knew that before I picked up the book! Reviewed by John Guerra

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