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Nov 13 2018
Artist: Nazar
Title: Enclave
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Hyperdub
Angolan producer Nazar’s first long EP (or short mini-album) for Hyperdub is a really strong fit, with the strong gritty dubstepping, grime attitude, and curt hip-hop sampledelica all getting knitted together with smarter, sharper elements that will assault your brain and your feet in equal measure.

Although Nazar grew up in Belgium, he moved back to Angola after the civil war ended and the political unrest is right on the surface of the bluntly amazing track “Airstrike”, featuring Shannen S P. expressing the feeling, rather than opinion, of living in turmoil, over a bold and raw synth bass tone. The cocking-gun-as-percussion layer is a little bit on-the-nose, perhaps, but it’s a track that commands attention.

Other highlights include the “Enclave”, that treads well that fine line which allows distorted shouting to be an artform, and music-for-complex-dancefloors “Konvoy” which you may already have caught on Kode9 & Burial’s Fabric compilation. “Ceasefire” is strong as the moody closing number as well.

It’s a comfort zone release for fans of Hyperdub, yet it’s still sonically fascinating, with a really interesting blend of details and a distinctive voice.

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