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Artist: Julien Bayle
Title: Violent Grains of Silence
Format: CD + Download
Label: Elli Records
This short collection of nine sonic vignettes is built from sound recordings made in Mechanical & Acoustic Research Lab LMA-CNRS’ anechoic room. But despite being one of the most soundproofed rooms it’s possible to find, there is still some distant hum and atmosphere, not to mention imperfections in the recording equipment that result in electronic impulses. It’s these imperfections that have been wraught, quite aggressively, extremely amplified, filtered, layered and processed to turn near-silence into a series of nine brief and aggressive electronic soundscapes on the very boundary of found sound.

Apparently coinciding with “deep personal difficult times” on Bayle’s part, this is raw, rough-hewn stuff, with tracks like “cut_” little less (or little more) than a single-tone sonic assault, while pieces like “unpr” are more complex, with curt percussive sounds and a more electronica-esque bubbly glitching. The steady pulsing beat of “post_” is notable as its steadiness turns it into a form of involuntary proto-techno. It’s hard to decide sometimes whether the rage on display is organic or post-produced but the result is a edgy and cathartic 22-minute force, like a primal scream performed by electrics. Unusual and eye-opening.

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