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Artist: Jeton Hoxha
Title: Vowel
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Eighth Tower Records (@)
Rated: *****
Already included in the "Balkan experimental survey". Jeton Hoxha is Macedonian composer mainly interested in an electro-acoustic music based on field recordings and drones heavily processed to generate a blurry overall sound. This is apparently his first full length release and seems mostly influenced by a current of ambient called 'isolationism'.
"Vowel" is a lengthy composition starting with a low frequency drone at the threshold of audibility in an unquiet environment which is slowly juxtaposed to other drones obtaining a developments in dynamics and frequency. As a wider spectrum drone is added, a thicker sound mass surround the listener as a musical fog illuminated by sharp insertions. As this part stars to fade, the last drone of the first part, the higher frequency one, returns and introduces an industrial oriented section based on loops which create a suspended, and hypnotic, atmosphere which becomes meditative as bells appears. Then, there's a section based on loops over a sharp drone slightly pulsating. As elements of the previous sections appear, there's a sense not only of time passing but also that there's an aspect of memory of the listener involved in the writing of the track. As the elements of the track starts to be sequentially eliminated hinting at a final silence, there's a section focused on church's bells which introduces a final slow melody played on organ synth which closes the release leaving the listener with a background noise moving in the aural field.
Due to its length, this is a demanding listening which is also fully enjoyable only in a quiet environment as the particular spectrum, especially in the first part, can be easily masked by the everyday background noise; however, in its apparent opacity, the composition is developed in a linear way which captures the listener's attention which is not taken for granted in a genre plagued with boredom. Listen with care.

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