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Oct 17 2018
Artist: Arca
Title: Forces
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Ici d’ailleurs/Mind Travels
Joan Cambon and Sylvian Chauveau’s long-standing collaboration has reached its fifth album. An intimate and at times quite minimalist collection of small synth sounds, complex rhythm programming, melodic pads and atmospherics, this is rich cultured electronica with a heartfelt tone.

There are some perkier tracks, like “Paul Favre-Miville” and the very well-formed “Bayan Hout” that have an almost playful energy that at times slightly undermines the album’s very earnest themes of conflict and displacement. These are muddled in with more atmospheric and earnest pieces like “Ossama Mohammed”.

“Anonymous Nigerian Refugee” is a rare vocal track, sampling the titular figure talking under clear duress about his predicament in the album’s only overtly political moment, which ends up also being a highlight.

It’s a pleasant and well-cooked sonic meal with some lovely textures in it, and while I don’t expect it to top too many people’s ‘best of the year’ lists on account of a fairly muted and modest character, it is an example of balanced and premium electronica done very well.

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