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Artist: Mount Shrine
Title: Winter Restlessness
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
Mount Shrine is a Brazilian project which releases an album which is presented by the label with descriptive words about a winter landscape and a journey to a place where someone can meditate. In other words, this is an ambient release where the focus of the composer is on the development of an atmosphere rather than on an evolution of the form.
The voices in the background that open "Winter Restlessness" introduce the listener towards an atmospheric and quiet ambient album where drones slowly evolve in a mid frequencies range so it's really close to classic ambient and the voice carries no real message but it's a way to let the music blend with the listener's environment. Even if it seems static at first sight, the sound nuances of "Moon's Distrust" constantly evolves. The crescendo of "The Silence Between Our Houses" is as predictable as evocative, so underlining the quality of the sound construction. "Foggy Deck", as its name suggests, alternates almost silents moments to droning ones. The field recordings of "Lifeless Indoors" creates an environment in which the listener find himself. "Exile" closes this release with a blurred drone which is gradually focused.
While it isn't adding anything new to a canonical form overtly in debt with the classic form of ambient, the quality of sound construction and the comprehension of the concept of this music ensures that a really enjoyable release is done. Recommended for fans of the genre.

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