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Artist: Sacra Fern
Title: Bloodstone
Format: CD
Label: Black Mara (@)
Rated: *****
Sacra Fern is the project of Dmitry Fedoschenko that is based on a form of dark ambient with extensive use of field recordings. This release is presented as a sort of soundtrack for a video part developed upon shots in the forest tied to the presentation of this release which describes the stone giving the title to this release as a magical artifact which can absorb power.
The singing birds of "I Saw It" opens this release upon a droning crescendo and generate a tension as they seems to escape from somewhere. The long track which is the center of this release, "Transparent", starts in a quiet and meditative mood where all metallic beat are exalted as the drone is not the gravity center of the track but only an element to underline the field recordings and the small sounds which are the main element of the track; so, the result is closer to certain ritual music rather than proper ambient. The framework of "Black Rain" is instead a more canonical dark ambient with a small interlude based on field recording. "Storm Of The Century" is a short drone crescendo which underlines the menacing field recordings in a rather evocative way. The bells of the first part of "Crimson River" are almost enchanting in their resonances and bring the listener toward the final part of this release with the field recording of what is sounds like an extinguishing fire.
With his reasonably personal use of field recordings this release doesn't sound just like another dark ambient release but as a more elaborated release. It could be a little too adventurous for fans used to releases which sound more or less the same but will find something worth a listen. A really nice release.

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