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Artist: Simon Šerc
Title: Bora Scura
Format: CD
Label: Pharmafabrik (@)
Rated: *****
Simon Šerc is an artist active in the field of experimental music and video since 1990 and this can immediately be heard as the quality of his field recordings is truly remarkable. Bora Scura is developed upon field recordings made in Slovenia in an area, Ajdovšina, which is exposed to the high speed wind named Bora.
As "Action I" starts the listener is immersed in an environment where all recognizable elements of the landscape seems at the mercy of the wind so only when its speed diminishes other sounds of everyday life can rise. In "Action II" can be heard the high pitch of the wind in an almost absolute silence. In "Action IV" can be heard high pitch and lower frequencies of the wind while in "Action V" the water flowing is used as a relative anchor for the listener to orientate himself in the sound masses. In "Action VIII" can be heard wooden masses bended by the wind and in "Action IX" rolling metallic pieces. "Action X" closes this release with a slow calm down of the wind.
Obviously it's a release for fans of the genre which are exposed to a release centered upon the impact on everyday lives of natural forces that cannot be controlled and from which it's necessary to be protected. So, it's not a mere exercise of recording techniques but a conceptual release. It's really worth a listen.

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