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Artist: Giulio Aldinucci
Title: Disappearing In A Mirror
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Karlrecords
Established Italian sound artist Aldinucci here offers up a seven-pack of fluid ambient landscapes with a grandiose scale, built from choral sounds, reverberant cavernous rumbles, alienated washes and textures.

“Notturno Toscano” brings with it hints of rhythm, a soft and semi-regular click and some more compact electronic noises that take a step in the direction of electronica, while “Aphasic Semiotics” toys with the edges of crisp distortion as a conventional but still effective rough-edged counterpoint to its choir noises. The slightly more staccato elements of “Mute Serenade” end the album with a bold and confident finale to the album.

The muffled sidechain-ish effect on “The Burning Alphabet” is a curiosity at first but begins to grate after a while, sounding more like a poorly dubbed bathroom recording than a deliberate sonic effect, making it the album’s only weak point.

Generally, it’s a grand if somewhat familiar immersive chill-out work, with a classical and conventional beauty, ideal for late night horizontal listening.

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