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Artist: Macronympha (@)
Title: Battered, Crushed & Stripped
Format: Tape
Label: Bizarre Audio Arts
If you are unfamiliar with Bizarre Audio Arts you are missing out on one of the most prolific noise labels for the last 23 years. Leo Sabatto has run the project Armenia and has done splits with so many well known and several lesser known noise artists over this time period. Over the last several years Leo has worked with the original Macronympha front man Joseph Roemer to reintroduce their version of this project onto the scene. Also contributing to this release are John Grimaldi and Henry Mallard who bring even more sonic chaos to this album. Both of these artists are two noise makers from western PA who are doing some awesome work in their own right.

The A side of this album clocks in at 20 minutes over three tracks and is a sonic throbbing loop which does not give way for much of the side, although it does shift on occasion. The repetitiveness of this loop is pretty disheartening and with the side of this tape being given the name “Terror” I can see why. Macronympha has really never been about pleasing the ears there has always been a sense of unfriendly nature to the songs and this release is no difference.

Side B is titled Chaos and it starts off with the track Horrifying Scars of Mismanagement, it is actually a little more laid back to begin with, a similar style on the first side with the repetitive loop starts the first track but this time there is more disruptions to the tracks with what almost seems like the side is skipping or slowly degrading, I think I prefer the Chaos over the Terror because it doesn’t make me feel as uneasy.

The second track on Side B is titled Plundering Overlords and is probably the best track on the cassette with classic harsh noise textures more quiet than the other tracks but excellently produced.

Overall this is not the best ever Macronympha album but it does not disappoint, I haven’t heard a bad one yet out of the bunch when it comes to the Bizarre Audio Arts releases so I highly recommend you dig in where you can and get uncomfortable.

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