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Artist: Andreas Lutz
Title: Binary Supremacy
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Kasuga Records
Although framed in thoroughly artistic terms of abstract aesthetics and exhibitions instead of performances, “Binary Supremacy” as an audio product fits quite nicely into the category of downtempo electronica and soundscaping. A thoroughly artificial collection of treated noises, clicks, glitches and synth pads over sparse and regular breakbeat kick drum patterns, this is minimal techno put through the wash, cleaned and tumble dried into art.

After the initial overture of “Nulled Fields”, the kick sounds become urgent for “Restructuring”. Some tracks segue into one another, so the cut-up lo-fi vocal samples of “Analog Read” creep up on you, as does the rumbling synth-bass that provides that track’s main focus.

Rather Kraftwerk-esque speak-and-spell lyrics on “Super Constructor” are the closest this short album gets to a vocalised message, instead generally settling for abstract atmospheres and gentle melodic elements that roll calmly over the lightweight beats. Kraftwerk pop to mind again in “Transmission Heap”’s sharper, curt beat patterns.

Despite seemingly not being at home either in an art space or on a dancefloor, it’s a fresh-sounding bit of very cerebral electronica with a nice character.

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