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Artist: Attilio Novellino & Collin McKelvey (@)
Title: Métaphysiques cannibales
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Kohlhaas (@)
Rated: *****
This new release by Attilio Novellino and Collin McKelvey takes its title by the essay by the anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro which seems based around the concept that, for fully understand another culture, it's necessary not to see it behind the screen of western culture. So, it's understandable the liner notes claim that "sound organization is here conceived as both as a apparatus of creation and a practice of knowledge" i.e., it's not derived by an abstract system but it's closer to a physical exploration.
This release is divided in two parts: the first one, "Métaphysiques cannibales I", starts quietly with the juxtaposition of pulsating sinewaves in the background and various noises in the foreground, then the track evolves alternating moments where the noises generate a sound field reminiscent of the city's background noise to more static one where the drone acts as a moment of rest during a long journey. Those sense for path planning escapes the dull accumulation of samples for fake complexity.
The second one "Métaphysiques cannibales II" is instead a subtler track starting with a quiet and almost inaudible drone which slowly introduces other drones until at half his length this framework is repeated with noisier elements as a study for sonic accumulation.
A well developed release where a narrative sense removes that patina of self indulgent experimentation which is ejectable for the fans of the genre. It's really worth more than a listen to fully appreciate it.

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