Music Reviews

Artist: Ekin Fil
Title: Maps
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: The Helen Scarsdale Agency
Ekin Fil continues to expand her discography of soft, gentle near-ambient dream-pop with “Maps”. It’s a succinct, 9-track, 36-minute work that’s so consistent it’s often hard to notice where one track ends and the next begins, and it melds into one continuous piece of reverb-drenched keys, soft breathy vocal noises, warm ambiences and super-long echoes.

Fittingly for an album which describes itself as a reflection on small island life, we occasionally get waves, beach and running water noises to further enhance the mood, and it’s interesting to hear how this sometimes evolves towards white noise and develops an interesting counterpoint against the purity of the piano and key noises- a statement about the bustle of everyday life, perhaps. It’s invariably tinged with a tired melancholy throughout, that runs without any grounding in geography or specifics.

It’s an album with a clear vision, and certainly deserves a place on many people’s chill-out or go-to-sleep playlists.

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