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Artist: Vincent Glanzmann (@)
Title: Z/Rzw-Shiiiiiii
Format: 3 x CD (triple CD)
Label: Through States of Matter (@)
Rated: *****
Between the last winter and springtime, a new discographic label blossomed in cold Switzerland, the experimental label Through States of Matter, whose founder Tobias Meier decided to start its catalog up by the signature of Vincent Glanzmann. I met the name and the sound of this Tokyo-born Zurich-based drummer, whose bizarre and playful ways of forging unconventional sonorities brought him to collaborate in various different stylistic areas of Swiss scene (particularly improv, pop, and jazz), on the collaborative project This Difficult Tree (pushed by Wide Ear Records). Vincent's skills in forging new sonic languages and intriguing sound-set often focused on likewise unconventional conceptual frameworks, got confirmed on the first brick by this label. The first of the three suites (each of them has been recorded on a single CD of this box-set), titled "Z", is the longest one (lasting more than 17 minutes), and got inspired by a large subject of cognitive sciences, the so-called "cyclic thought processes" and their relation to mental growth; Vincent's handling of the topic, developed through fixed compositional tools and a wisely built musical matrix, is an amazing evolution (or involution), alternating cycles of many different rinsing of abstract rubbing on drum surfaces and granulated mingling on one side and lovely phases of intimate attenuations in the twinkling matrix of music box-like matrix. The nine minutes of "Rzw-Shiiiiiii" is an entrancing tonal puzzle, whose building blocks are single tone vocals (and vowels...mostly 'o' and 'a') and modulated in different ways, addressing "the differentiation between 'soul' and 'spirit'", and exploring "the question of how these two aspects of the human being might be purposefully conveyed through the voice", according to the attached introductory words (...and I'd add that it could resemble some 'classic' experiments on voice by some master of GRM). The last piece "---thehidden" (conceived as a tribute to Iannis Xenakis' "Concrete PH") is an experiment on sound compression, as Vincent packed sounds made through percussions, oral noises, a mini-amp feedback and a couple of violin bows into a very narrow interval of high-frequency ranges.

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