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Artist: Gavin Guthrie
Title: The Totality
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Medical Records
Gavin Guthrie’s second album is a pack of ten DJ-friendly house tracks that gleefully play with acid, techno and synthwave elements in a manner that manages to feel both authentic and fun.

Opener “AciDDD-1” shows the enduring appeal of classic-sounding acid house, while “4 For Blood” also employs the acid squelches but with a more driving sawtooth-synth techno set-up that softens into a very-nearly-house-piano-led melodic second half. The title track has shades of Marshall Jefferson-style US house, to the extent where you keep expecting a deep American voice to cut in and start telling you how to move your body, before “Ectoplasmic Beats” has a more European early-pop-techno flavour to it.

In tracks like “Home Furnishings” there are some glitchy touches that expose the release as a modern production but for the most part it’s kept analogue and ‘real’, close enough to keep the purists happy for sure, an hour’s worth of tunes that inspire mentions of everyone from Adamski (the more underground stuff) to Richie Hawtin to Josh Wink. Some tracks stretch their wings a little further, such as the rumbling “The Impending” or more raw percussive-driven “Sound Mind In A Sound Body” which both have elements of 80’s industrial about them as well.

I’ve got a massive fondness for old underground club sounds- maybe just because I’m old- and that’s why I absolutely love this album. There are plenty of people plundering that era for sounds and ideas but it’s rare to hear it done with both the sincerity and the success of this collection.

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