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Artist: Eric Maltz
Title: Estuaries
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Flower Myth
Eric Maltz offers up a 12” four-pack of introspective, melodic techno here. The titular ‘estuary’ is supposed to be symbolic of the convergence of electronic and acoustic elements, but if that’s the case that it’s the electronic music that’s the dominant tide and the acoustic elements (such as some piano on the title track) that contribute to, but are broadly subsumed into, a predominantly digital pack of steady-rhythmed, lightweight techno tunes.

“Mind Stretch” has a particularly enjoyable mellowness, playing the classic trick of counterpointing long slow synth pads against a steady clap-heavy rhythm so your head is in the clouds while you’re tapping your feet. “Low Knee Cutter” is a bit darker and more driven, with building looping synths underpinning a basic but engaging two-note melody pattern in a manner that’s quite Underworld-esque but without the heavy low end.

The title track’s combination of laidback reverb-heavy piano and dubby bassline makes it the most relaxed offering of the bunch, that blend of techno and chill-out that ought not to work, but does, before “Messin Around You” steps it up a little, wandering about in familiar and unremarkable techno territory but adopting its own character thanks to some unusual choices of percussive sounds and effects.

It’s a very high quality 12”, not something that’s going to set your heart alight but really well produced and just a little bit inspiring.

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