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Artist: Kajsa Lindgren
Title: Womb
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Hyperdelia
It’s obvious to hear why the name “Womb” seemed appropriate for this 7-track collection of pressured gloopy atmospheres of deep thrums and heartbeat-like pulses, but there’s more to it than that, as a procession of other elements arrive in various combinations to decorate the warm internalised drone base.

Some are intriguing- for example the electronic glitches and noise sparkles on tracks like opener “Cocoon” that give proceedings a slightly more alien flavour, while the slowly rising and falling vocal-like melodic wind noises and faintly whalesong-like calls on “The Garden” meld together into something more complex that plays well against vinyl-like crackle sounds.

Others feel a little more obvious and ‘done’. The distant unintelligible speech on “The Inanimate World” and the overt heartbeat sounds of “All The Other Children” feel quite conventional as elements of an almost theatrical sonic impression of existence in the womb, and by the time we get to birdsong on “Far (To Reach Me)” and what I think is the sound of a crackling wood fire in “The Forest” it does feel like we’re running through a list of stalwart ambient sounds. The Terence McKenna-esque rambling spoken-word element in final track “The Inanimate World” will be particularly divisive- personally I found it too prescriptive and consequently unwelcome.

It’s a rich and quite uniform bit of ambient work, certainly mellowing and sonically oppressive yet in a way that’s somehow quite comforting, but it perhaps needed to show a greater breadth and diversity and steer away from some of ambient’s more well-established clichés if it were really going to stand out.

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