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Artist: Ernesto Diaz-Infante (@)
Title: For M.F.
Format: CD
Label: Pax Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
The most obvious trait of Diaz-Infantes's music is its relentless moving as, from the strumming of his first works he's moving toward more rarified and spatial music. "For M.F." is a quiet work at the opposite of the mass of sound which was the first characteristic that overwhelmed the listener as it's immersed in silence as if contemplation of sound leads to silence.
The track begins with sparse notes reverberating in the space where he plays and this effect creates a sense of false notes and echoes which slowly cradles the listener; then he slowly speeds its playing so slow arpeggios became the focus of the second part of the track. The third part of the track is based on arpeggios articulated in brief phrases intertwined with pauses to let the resonances add color to the whole. At last he turns back to the the beginning of the trace disarticulating the phrases and returning to the contemplation of the notes.
This is a long and hypnotic release that will thrill fans of minimalism while the others could be a little bored by a release more oriented toward the nuances of acoustic guitar sound rather that traditional language based on melodies. There's also a little bit of melody here and there, but it's only a hook for the listener's attention when it's too drowned in contemplation. Recommended.

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