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Artist: Small Life Form
Title: Fragments
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Silber Media
Although it collects together studio recordings from 2012-2014, “Fragments” from Small Life Form stands as a consistent piece of dark doom-drone in its own right and can absolutely be regarded as equivalent to a new full-length album.

Two of the tracks run for over twenty minutes each, which I’d describe as a little more than a “fragment”! Opener “Something Organic To Service The Machine” is on the mellower side of drone, and sets the tone with electric hums and waves that lull you into a confident, almost comforting yet alien environment which you don’t realise has crept up on you until the abrupt harsh-edged noise effects of the ironically-named “Slow Silence” cut right through it.

The other long work, the nearly 29-minute-long “Forgotten Summer”, is a harsher affair, with rough-hewn textures and drones that sound at times like absurdly-sustained ship horns passing in the night, preluding a glacially slow building wind tone that really gets into your head before it opens up into an unusual accordion-esque bright section (that Summer remembered, perhaps).

The rest of the album is made up of shorter pieces, ranging from nine minutes of hollow alien atmospherics in “A Night Like This” down to little interludes like the 29-second electric arcing sound effect of “Buzz”. The acoustic devolvement into noise in “So Sincere” plays nicely against the electric driven-guitar-style distortions of “Hero Reborn”.

It’s a coherent, captivating and mindset-changing long gathering of drone work with a strong cathartic effect, and rather than being regarded as leftovers, I’d have to describe this as one of the most interesting drone releases I’ve heard in quite a while.

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