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Artist: Eyes Of Others
Title: I See You In The Shrubs
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Paradise Palms
‘Edinburgh enigma’ Eyes Of Others’ track “I See You In The Shrubs” gets the classic original-and-two-remixes bundle release here.

The original is an unconventional, slow (circa 92bpm) super-soft house track with whispered vocal comments, extremely subtle kick patterns and a soft distant-sounding bassline that, towards the end, gets cut through like a knife by the arrival of some surprisingly harsh and dissonant top melodies which then evaporate into near-ambient atmospherics and birdsong.

The legend that is Andrew Weatherall starts his remix with an unusually conventional-sounding live drum pattern that gives things a more naturalistic flavour that turns almost reggae-soft-rock thanks to the more emphasised bassline. Things take an enjoyable turn for the weird in the dancefloor-unfriendly breakdowns, which go unpredictably jazzy and use the “I see you in the shrubs” vocal whispers and birdsong to the fore, returning to the stability of the drum patterns as the anchor. It doesn’t sound like it’s been an excessive or over-baked labour of love, but it definitely brings the fun out.

The Donald Dust mix does the same job but in a more regular way, keeping quite faithful with fewer surprises, driven on by a steady synth bassline that’s a bit more ordinary but bringing a little character back through some nice use of reverb effects.

The original’s quirky and you can’t go wrong with an Andrew Weatherall remix (even if it’s not perhaps his most inspired remix ever). A little more variety in the remix package might have been welcome but if you’re in the market for some 95bpm house that’s more than a little bit unusual, this may appeal.

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