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Artist: RP Boo
Title: I'll Tell You What!
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Planet Mu
In a way this is a fairly typical Planet Mu release, if there is such a thing. Complex glitchy footwork rhythms, low sub-bass rumbles and decontextualized vocal and rap samples abound in a textbook collection of dark digital electronica. It’s familiar ground, but handled with energy and originality so you definitely know you’re listening to something new.

There’s a good variety of emotions and tones here. The swaggery, battle-ready opener “No Body” has the sweary soundclash attitude of grime, while other tracks are a little more introspective and soulful, such as “U Don’t No” or “Deep Blue”. The ‘we are at war in the street’ mantra of “At War” is a complex beast, managing somehow to be simultaneously a war cry and a melancholic response to loss, while “U Belong 2 Me” feels like a deeply veiled post-rave parody, yet it works.

But while there’s an emotional variety, of the course of 48 minutes you do begin to wish for a bit more sonic variety. By “Work The Flow” and “Bounty” the drum sounds and sub-bass noises begin to feel a little bit tired, and as the energy level doesn’t really drop, you do start hoping that the next track is going to have a few more surprises, which unfortunately don’t come. “Flight 1235”’s adjustment of airplane-related pings and announcements into rhythm elements is a nice touch but it could have been pushed much further. An honorable exceptions is “Wicked’Bu”’.

High quality, for sure, but perhaps overly safe ground for the Planet Mu label.

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