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Artist: The Star Pillow
Title: Symphony For An Intergalactic Brotherhood
Format: CD + Download
Label: Boring Machines
The Star Pillow is the established drone-ambient monicker used by the prolific Paolo Monti and it gets another outing here for three lengthy improvised works of slow evolving sonic envelopes, pure-sounding and rich melodic textures and subtle atmospherics. Rising and falling tones form very loose repeating patterns that form part of the gradual tectonic shift of the sound as it develops.

First track “My Dear Elohim” draws out the string tones to give quite a cinematic and tense flavour. Relatively short piece “An Interstellar Handshake” has a distinct extra wobble to it that leaves you with an almost drunken feeling, while “From Dust To Stars” makes interstellar space sound like a harmonious and quite densely-packed place to live, with a surprisingly abrupt and arguably lazy ending.

It’s relatively simple and earnestly transcendental soundscaping that occupies its own space. It certainly doesn’t push any of the boundaries of originality or provide much challenge, but as an immersive 38-minute collection of fairly sci-fi sombre atmospherics, this is certainly safe ground.

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