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Artist: Jamaica Suk
Title: Clockwise
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Establishment Records
A name like Jamaica might still conjure up accidental cliché connotations of sun-kissed reggae, but this four-track EP is the polar opposite. Suk has left her jazz and metal influences behind and, clearly influenced by her new home Berlin, has produced some very pure thumping dark techno. Low sub kicks, twisting and reshaping hihats, rumbles and effects abound.

The title track plays the clockwork-regular 4/4 beat against some more varispeed elements, pitch-shifting effects and a counterpoint-rhythm driving synth note. “Two Moons” brings breakbeat patterning to the kicks and more distortion to the growling frequencies which plays nicely against a simple, endearingly idle synth melodic pattern, while “Vision” keeps it 4/4 again with a similar set-up but a slightly increased sense of urgency and alarm in the higher registers.

The Pulse One remix of the title track is quite a shift- against breakbeaty, with a much brighter-sounding arrangement centred on higher-pitched kicks with some claps, it’s brave enough to take the original stems into a different style at a time when too many techno remixes of techno originals sound nearly identical to the originals.

A short EP of solid pumping techno with some dark twists, not destined to be your set’s peak but definitely worth adding to the mix to bring some fresh-sounding textures.

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