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Artist: Bawrut
Title: 4x4 (Remixes)
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Ransom Note Records
I praised the “4x4” EP as a solid pack of melodic, positive techno tracks with a nice sense of fun back in April, so I welcomed a six-pack of remixes. This pack doesn’t disappoint- neither does it particularly amaze either, but that’s not really the point of this dependable 43-minute pack of DJ friendly laidback positive house.

Lauer’s remix of “I Feel Voices” respects the core vocal ooohs of the original and gives us something bright and feel-good. The legendary Jimpster is always dependable for a remix and his take on “More Cowbell” is again quite faithful, slightly more pulse-driven and dancefloor friendly, with engaging twisty speedchanging FX on the breakdown that add extra character.

Sano’s version of “Ghettoscar” features some nice just-off beatwork that at first sounds like it’s tripping over itself but ends up complimenting the tribal samples and slightly more complex groove rather nicely, before Lossy’s take on the EP’s original opener “Three Sounds” takes the original’s bordering-on-novelty bleepy riff and puts it into a fitting electro context with an exceptionally synthwave-y breakdown in a way that’s light and likeable.

Timothy Clerkin’s take on “I Feel Voices” is the most radical departure, departing the dancefloor in favour of atmospheric slow drumless synthwave with shades of Jean-Michel Jarre about it, anachronistic in this context but in its own way really rather good. Marlon Hoffstadt’s version of “More Cowbell” is appropriately named the ‘aloe vera’ mix as it’s a soothing balm and inoffensively mild house rework with no sting- and it has to be said, not very much cowbell either, but never mind.

A high-quality if not particularly diverse remix pack warranted from a strong original EP.

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