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Artist: Analogue-X (@)
Title: Course Of Life
Format: CD
Label: RMP Records/Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Analogue-X is an electropop band from Germany consisting of Rene Mussbach (vocals); Susie NLG (background vocals); ALexis Voice (synths, programming), and Clarke Gahan (synths and drum machines). Clarke Gahan?? Seriously? Isn't that a bit too Depeche Modey? Whatever. (Rene is a guy by the way.) Okay, so maybe musically I've given a bit away. Not that Analogue-X are Depeche Mode clones or anything, but what synthesizer band doesn't owe a little something to them. 'Course Of Life' is the band's debut album, after 2017's 'Rising in the Dark (The Remixes)' in which the band got a bunch of artists to remix one of their songs. Some of the remixers were Paralyzed RMX, Cyborgdrive, Jeff Appleton, Erwin Pempelfort, etc., etc. As much as I'm no fan of remixes, someone in the business once told me "if you want your music to get noticed fast, get some top-notch remixers to have a go at your songs. Apparently Analogue-X put this plan into effect before they even had put out their first album! (They've also released a remix album of 'Course of Life' but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.) So, what have we got to work with. First I can say that the synth programming and performance is very strong. Most everything works for the dancefloor too so the rhythm is potent too. Where we run into a little problem is in the vocal department. Rene's vocals are fine in a sense, melodic and pleasant enough, but not particularly strong or memorable. Susie's backup vocals, where present are fine too, occasionally bolstering the melody. The music is fairly melodic as well, and there are hooks a-plenty, just not particularly strong ones. I think the problem here is one of too much nuance, and not enough devotion to those big, obvious, infectious killer hooks. Right from the get-go on the opening track "Another Time," they put forth a good (chorus) hook but try and say too much in it. Second track- "Dark Shadow" (very reminiscent of Camouflage) has a lot of potential but the title of the song is reduced to a mere background afterthought. Too bad as it's one of the best tracks on the album. Don't get me wrong, as these songs aren't bad, they just lack some pizzazz, that certain quality that puts some artists on the top of the heap. Like Depeche Mode. Like Covenant. A strong, charismatic vocalist might have been able charge this material, but a merely good one doesn't flip the switch. There are still more good songs on the album, such as "Rising in the Dark," and "Never Alone," but as we keep chugging along, the songs begin to sound similar, mainly due to the vocals. Another part of the problem might be the lyrical content, which is largely from that Depeche Mode/Duran Duran school of romanticism, and tends to get bogged down in affairs of the heart. I think if the band headed in a bit colder, more austere direction they might hit upon that elusive magic bullet. But hey, that's just my own personal opinion. 'Course of Life' is a competent album, just not exceptional.

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