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Artist: Actors
Title: It Will Come To You
Format: LP
Label: Artoffact (@)
Rated: *****
"Your lips are cold 100 years/frozen deep inside your fear/a touch of stone my disease/buried deep inside of me" are the sung words on the galloping opening track "L'appel du Vide" (French for "the call of the Void") by this Vancouver-based band for this debut album, a reanimator for the listeners (primarily) but also a way to revive some good old synthwave sonorities within a masterfully amalgamated jelly of post-punk, disco and glittering rock. The more important recipes of this (close-to)explosive jelly are undoubtedly the thunderous basslines twisting on the acute attacks of guitar and the vocals coming from the screaming lungs by the band leading voice Jason Corbett, but the professional setting of each resounding element and instrument in every single song combined with the stunning immediacy of their sound is the real distinguishing aspect of the drama played by these Actors. Except of the dark postmortem lividity of some songs like "Crosses" - sounding like a rock cover of some track by Boards of Canada, where Jason's falsetto almost mockingly repeats "It's a long way down / hide your crosses" - and some stylistic deflections such as the one of the instrumental theme of "Bird in Hand" or the dirty deranged disco of "Let It Grow" (very similar to some relatively old tunes by Fischerspooner), most of the songs wink at dancefloors by putting a swing on the tree of the growling sonorities of modern crossbreds between dance and rock and swiffered findings in the mausoleum of synth-wave, instead of the choice of "We Don't Have To Dance" to one of the brightest uplifters of the album. I'm curious to know how (and if) Actors are going to upgrade their palatable sound.

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