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Artist: Kate NV
Title: ДЛЯ FOR
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: RVNG Intl.
All the tracks on Kate NV’s second album have three-letter English titles and Cyrillic equivalents, which it seems I can’t reproduce on this website, so with my apologies the track titles will only be referenced in English.

Moscow-based NV has offered up ten extremely quirky bits of mostly-instrumental abstract synthpop noodling. Playful keyboard-sample melodies dance childishly through opening track “EAR”. The melodic primitivism is most notable on “HOW”, which really feels like it ought to be the underscore for a pre-school cartoon. Gentle marimba- and glockenspiel-like synth tones play gentle pleasant patterns, around which slightly more ‘grown-up’ electronica noises- sine wave pads and chords- lilt and meander. “YOU” is a more rounded example, featuring spoken-word vocals and delicate sonics that end up sounding almost Japanese.

The first half of the album was written in the Spring, the latter half in the Autumn, and while the change between the two isn’t as extreme as the press release may suggest, there’s a switch to more muted tones and slightly odder and more sombre melodic noises. The idiosyncratic sine-wave-noodling on “BUG” is nicely measured and expressive, and “SEE” is enjoyably mesmeric. The jazzy, thoughtful Rhodes keys of final track “WHO” are a pleasant surprise and wrap the whole work up like a child being wrapped in a warm blanket.

With a genuinely unique character, but perhaps just a little too childish for some tastes, “FOR” is an intriguing, small-sounding album that’s really rather endearing.

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