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Artist: DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess
Title: For
Format: 10"
Label: Jahmoni Music
DJ Marcelle’s tribute to old friend Mark E. Smith is a wilfully punky bit of lo-fi electropop that chucks in sampled conversations from Smith, short snippets of John Peel, and out-of-time ringtone samples, and lays them loosely over a relentless drum machine pattern. Despite being called “For”, it’s six versions of the track “Two Walls” acting as a lead single for a forthcoming album.

The John Peel sample in particular gives proceedings a distinctly Cuban Boys feel, though where the Cuban Boys can be playful and poppy, this has a grumpier, punkier attitude and a much darker sense of fun, bordering on no fun at all.

The original nearly-five-minute track is padded out by five dub versions, all under three minutes long. The first two of these are 80’s style rough cut-and-paste style mixes that take all the original elements and reproduce them in a different order with some different effects but not necessarily any new ideas. The Problematic dub is notably thumpier thanks to delayed drums. The “Listen! BELP Dub” is more experimental, concentrating on the atmospherics and dubby sounds built out of backwards kicks, while the “Studio Door Dub” ups the found sound percussive effects over a quirky proto-industrial groove. The “Emerson Lake & Palmer Symphony Dub” is a deliberate bit of ironic naming, a squelchy acid sound and one particular ELP-referencing part of Smith’s dialogue forming something that seems deliberately intended just to weird out people who innocently search for the words “Emerson Lake & Palmer” on Spotify.

It’s a rough hewn track with a lo-fi aesthetic that Mark E. Smith fans are likely to find appropriate, though by modern standards it does seem a bit dated and done.

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