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Artist: Tresque
Title: Vai e Vem
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Care Of
Minimal techno infused with an attitude derived from musique concrète, “Vai e Vem” is a five-pack (one track digital-only) of rumbling but soft sub-bass kicks, electronic pulses, smooth-edged digital-industrial atmospherics and a confident steadiness.

Rhythm patterns play inbetween each other, in fairly complex, mildly brain-taxing and DJ-unfriendly ways on tracks like “Tre Cavalli”, while “Cikade” initially starts with simpler layouts but shifts abruptly into more interesting 12/8 patterns part-way through. “Mwen Se Be” borders on the forgettable, overshadowed in purpose by its predecessors, before mellower track “Tendresse” adopts a more atmospheric flavour, with a bell-like looping tone that’s the closest the album comes to intersecting with melody.

Bonus track “Afoxç” is a distinctly harder affair, with more emphasis on the industrial sounds and just hints of Underworld-esque notes in the slightly more driving rhythm pattern- I can see why it’s only regarded as a bonus track but it’s got a different kind of strength.

It’s an almost entirely sub-bass workout, minimal to a fault, and it’s hard to imagine anything going much deeper whilst remaining audible. This will appeal to fans of Monolake, The Field or some of Autechre’s softer moments will definitely find an appreciation of this.

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