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Artist: Mark Van Hoen
Title: Invisible Threads
Format: CD + Download
Label: Touch
Long-established experimental musician Mark Van Hoen offers up a compact album of cinematic atmospheres- long drones and sub-bass notes, sustained glacial string sounds, sparse and carefully chosen higher-end twinkles and decorations all group together into a consistent environment that maintains both a sombre tone and a relaxed atmosphere simultaneously.

On pieces like “Aether”, there’s a slow unfolding, a gradual introduction of elements to give a sense of dawnbreak that never rushes into any dramatic revelation, while on pieces like “Instable” there’s a less evolving, more ambient environmental set-up of synthetic winds and slow waves.

Though Van Hoen cites a variety of influences and sound sources- field recordings, YouTube and beyond- the end result ends up sounding rather purist, as though entirely constructed from digital synths and effects. There’s a boldness to it that’s beautiful, bordering on simple- the flipside of which is that there’s a slight shortage of truly distinctive or original elements at play here, and if listening devoid of artist or title information, you would be hard pushed to work out who this release was by. It’s one of those releases that is high-quality and polished, yet moderately forgettable.

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