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Artist: Nytt Land (@)
Title: Oðal
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
Almost a year after Fimbulvinter, this Siberian band returns with a release inspired by the traditional music of their land. However, they play folk music using not only traditional instruments, but also field recordings of nature, to underline the link to their land, and some sparse keyboard to enhance the musical spectrum. The gravity center, and most recognizable character, of their music is the overtone singing technique, “kargyraa”, used by both the male and female voices.
The opening dance of "Darraðarljóð / The Song of the Valkyries" opens this release with his grave pace. An howling wolf opens "Ragnarök" and the track evolves in a rhythmic cage underlined by the jew-harp with a rather dramatic crescendo of the tagelharpa and an effective use of musical suspension which has a coda,and a further refinement, in "Midsommar". "Hávamál" is a slow tempo song that makes full use of low frequencies. "Norður / Yule Song" is based on the use of the double ranges of the male and female voices. "Tagelharpa Song" is a catchy interlude on the tagelharpa introducing "Deyr Fé / The Heritage" whose first parts features a dialogue between father and son where the former teaches a poem, or a prayer; and the track evolves in an epic horse ride. "Völuspá" features some synth and "Sigrdrífumál / The Ballad of The Victory-Bringer" closes this release with a quiet song for voice and drums.
Perhaps even better than his predecessor to use some means of modernity to remove a dust's patina to a form rooted in ancient times, so it could be enjoyed even by fans on modern songs. It's really worth a listen.

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