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Artist: Eliezer
Title: The man from 94
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Unterman
The debut EP from Tel Aviv-based Eliezer is an EP made up of two original tracks and a remix of each. It also marks the first release for the Unterman label. And it’s a debut that’s polished and competent rather than outstanding.

“Frani” is a steady house groove over which squelchy synthwavey noises gradually twiddle their way across. The rocky, aggressive spoken word sample feels to be at a higher energy level than the rest of the track and ends up a little disconnected, save for when it’s being cut up and played with. Gabriel Ferreira’s remix is a stripped-back and deeper affair that turns those cut-up vocal parts into soft percussive tones sparsely sprinkled over a thick kick and simple throbbing bass.

“No Tears” is also a little darker, a moodier synthwave affair of long pads, sustained strings and analogue arpeggios. The Naduve remix is quite faithful, brightening the rhythm up a bit and adding a decidedly 80’s bass sound but falling very close to the tree as remixes go.

Confident and leisurely, it’s a nice pack that shows promise rather than brilliance.

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