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Artist: Distant Animals
Title: Lines
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Hallow Ground
Daniel Alexander Hignell, as Distant Animals, has created a 34-minute work that’s conceptually quite complex, involving a 130 page text-score, the social function of art-making, a land-art intervention enacted in parallel with the composition process, and citing La Monte Young as an influence.

Sonically however it is somewhat less complex, though I wouldn’t go as far as calling it simple. Generated mostly from modular synthesis, it’s a bit of dramatic drone work (which prior to this listen might have sounded like a contradiction in terms), at the core of which is relentless deep alienating rumbling sounds and thick, distorting textures. Over the top of this are layered some organic percussion noises, higher-pitched synth pads giving off choral-style sounds, noise washes and a variety of clicks and glitches.

In two parts, first part “A Pure Drone” is (as the name implies) the simpler of the two, deep and rich and purposefully uneventful, before “Line Made By Walking” uses the listener’s acclimatisation to the drone base as an opportunity to pull in expected directions, systematically becoming louder, more dramatic and dynamic, and with tubular-bell-esque percussive hits and pitch-shifting analogue synth calls that almost border on melody. A couple of well-timed sonic drops have a strong impact that provide real culture shock for those who thought they were still listening to pure drone.

It’s interesting to hear how this work morphs itself over time without losing its sonic identity, and while the conceptual origin of it frankly flies well over my head, as a short LP of powerful experimental synthesis, it’s absolutely worthy of a listen, contextually or otherwise.

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