Music Reviews

Artist: Desert Sound Colony
Title: Lose My Rhythm
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Snap Crackle & Pop
There’s no danger of losing this rhythm. Three tracks and a remix of crisp, warm house beats with soft acid electro basslines, funk guitar licks and poppy vocal mantras, this is modern house-meets-indie-pop and it works well.

The title track feels like it ought to be heard on a warm beach, while “Suffocation” has a slightly dingier and indoors affair which then leads on to the much heavier “The Blacksmith” that completes a gradual progression away from the dancefloor and into serious home-listening electropop.

Scott Fraser’s remix of the title track (mislabelled accidentally as “Lose Mr Rhythm”) strips away all but tiny snippets of the vocal and concentrates on the acid and bass elements for a neat, well-evolved eight minute workout with a nice progression that brings us full circle.

It’s a solid 12” pack that should appeal to both DJ’s and home listeners.

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