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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Global Surveyor Phase 4
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
Nine years after the third volume, "Global Surveyor", the compilation issued by Dominance Electricity is out with the fourth volume/phase and this time is huge! Available as four vinyl records (clear vinyl with poster or black), double CD digipack or digital download, "Global Surveyor Phase 4" contains twentyfour tracks/projects for a total of almost two hours and twenty minutes! It would be impossible to talk about all the tracks but I'd like to start telling that in the last twenty years electro music has been in continuous evolution and the various projects started to mix influences in a new stimulating way and also this compilation isn't focused only on electro funk, but it sums up pretty well what is going on with electro right now. You'll find influences of: i.d.m. (Keen K), detroit electro (Heliopause, Middle Men, Obsolete Robotics), minimal techno (Tekkazula, Wilx, Blake Casimir, Low Orbit Satellite), Kraftwerkish electro (Anthony Rother, Patronen), acid (Hardfloor) just to name some. Also, among the well known names of the genre as Anthony Rother, Visonia, Heliopause (they did only a MLP but they are formed by Aux 88's Keith Tucker and Tommy Hamilton plus Dynamik Bass System's Thomas Werner), Silicon Scally or Hardfloor, we find totally new comers as Rauschenmaschine, Wilx, Tyraell and C*NT. The quality is guaranteed by Matthias M. Weise, the main man behind Dominance Electricity and too bad there isn't a new track by his own project Sbassship included here. There are many tracks that stand out already at the first listening: isn't a case if Heliopause, Middle Men, Kalson, Anthony Rother and Keen K open the compilation, because they already offer a wide example of what we're going to listen to: spacey pads, some menacious vocals, Detroit electro bleeps, complex rhythm patterns, robotic atmospheres and much more. This compilation is a must have and it grows with the listenings. Try it for yourself by checking all the tracks at the label's SoundCloud

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